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Meet Maggie Kavanaugh

Life Coach, Author, Speaker, and Ministry Leader

Maggie is known for her transparency, passion, and energy as a Speaker, Broadcaster, Life Coach, and Entrepreneur. She holds a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling and Organizational Leadership. Maggie overcame, growing up in a dysfunctional family, destructive lifestyles, and having battled cancer. Maggie motivates and challenges others to live their best life. Maggie and her husband have a 501c3 Moving Forward Ministries TN, a department head of ACT International. They help families to enjoy everyday life of wholeness, Spirit, soul, and body.

Moving Forward helps families and including teens, with their FORWARD programs to help families find their purpose with passion.  She is a Prepare-Enrich trainer, which allows couples to excel in their relationships to strengthen family dynamics. Maggie is also the co-founder of Liberty Through Christ: Be Made Whole Intensives and an annual conference. This ministry is to encourage the body to live in the power and authority of Christ. 

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With a diverse background in ministry and has been on various platforms, including and not limited to detentions, conferences, women’s retreats, and corporations. Maggie is the host of "Keys to your best life podcast and tv show that can see seen on Creative Stream Network a Roku channel. Maggie is the author of “Dead-end Roads that Lead to Glorious Highways, Overcoming the Potholes of Life.” Maggie is passionate about is media ministry. She has appeared on various television shows including “Nashville Alive,” “Bloom in the Dark,” “Damascus Roads,” “Recovery Strategies,” “Power Fuel Living,” “The Word is Out with Lisa Hooks,” “Relationship Goals” and guest host on “Nashville Today.” Maggie also has appeared on Bridges with Monica Schelmeter as a reoccurring guest and part of the media team for Bridges at WHTN.


Maggie is passionate about encouraging others on her social media broadcast and her new podcast, “Keys to your BEST Life.” Maggie is also a 10K ranked leader in her network marketing company and loves helping others grow their brand and networks. Maggie enjoys spending time with her family, living a holistic lifestyle, and educating people on how to live a healthy lifestyle and grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Holistic living is one of her passion.  Maggie can be found working alongside her husband Kevin on their Homestead "The Ridge" or spending time with her grandchildren. 

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"Keys to your BEST life is moving forward in every area of your life to impact the world around you.  Your spirit, soul (mind, will, emotions), and body are waiting for you to take the next step " ~ Maggie Kavanaugh

"Maggie Kavanaugh is a breath of fresh air to all who know her. She is the hands and feet of Christ and the Holy Spirit radiates all of her being. Maggie is friend and true blessing and is loved by everyone. Maggie is a trainer and speaker for Christian Women in Media and has had a huge impact on the growth and success of the Middle Tennessee Chapter. She serves on the Christian Women in Media Leadership Team."


Sue McGray, Author/Speaker and Director Christian Women in Media Southeastern Region

"Maggie Kavanaugh is a highly energetic speaker and knows how to engage a crowd. She has a heart to serve others and see them whole, healed and living their best life. She lights up a room when she enters in. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Maggie as the MC at our Conference “Ball in the Fall”. She kept the ladies engaged and excited. She is definitely a team player and works well with others. I was delighted to interview her on Nashville Alive about her life's passion. She is not afraid to stand for truth and be apart of what she feels is needful. I admire her passion for life, Jesus and others. Her leadership is needed and appreciated in our community."


Amanda Roberts, Founder of Ribbons of Grace and Founder of the “The Ball of the Fall” Conference

"Maggie Kavanaugh is not just a 'motivational speaker', she is an encourager/coach of personal growth.  Our family (as well as many others that we know) have been blessed through her classes. The heart of her ministry is to nurture the hearts of those she coaches - so they can be equipped to walk, speak & live confidently in the journey of life!"


Julia Heisey, Parent of class participant and coaching

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