Meet Maggie

Certified Spiritual Life and Relationship Coach

Maggie Kavanaugh is known for her natural approach to life and helping others to remove barriers and implement an action plan for their survival.


She holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and Counseling and uses her experience from ministry, counseling and many years in the corporate world to help others overcome their life obstacles and see real positive change!

Maggie is also the Co-Founder, along with her husband Kevin, of Moving Forward Ministries where they offer a variety of Bible-based services including individual counseling, family counseling, 

pre-marriage and marriage counseling, life coaching, training/teaching and public speaking. Their unique relational approach is to help you strengthen every area of your life including spirit, soul, and body and help you move forward into a life of a renewed mind and peaceful life. 

Maggie's mission is motivate, guide and inspire you to reach your next level by holding you accountable and cheering you on, all while being spirit led to give you the Keys to Your Best Life!